Nilai Dialysis Centre Sdn Bhd is the private dialysis center located in Nilai . Since its inception in Jun 2016

our center has grown gradually from a low profile origin to a well known reputation for gentle and friendly service of holistic approach.


We are now providing hemodialysis therapy to thirty patients. This reputation is just as strong today and

keep improving with time.





Our success, in large part, has been based on a patient care service philosophy that values patient as human being, treat them as human being, regard them as human being, and motto “Helping ESRF

patient achive an acceptable quality of life“. We deliver our service based on “Better Health through Better Dialysis” policy.


Patient as human being…


When a patient is viewed as human-being, every aspect of human life must be fulfilled. We focus our service towards fulfilling such needs. We believe our efforts will help our patients reduce cost of care,

relieve social burden and live with an acceptable quality of life for a prolonged period (near normal life).


An acceptable quality of life…


NDC believe in providing nosspecific supportive care (other than hemodialysis) to optimize patient well

being and we have comprehensively done so.


Our well-trained and friendly staff, available facilities and strict adherence to standard operating procedures

based on Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines give us the ability to deliver the service affeiceintly and facilitate patients to live a more comfortable life.


With an encouragingly early success and increase support from other related organization you can count on

NDC to be around for many years to came.





We know the importance of net working in the process of delivering a holistic patient care, therefore, we believe in developing and fastering inter-organization relationships that are mutually beneficial. We receive

patients from and refer patients to Hospital Tuanku Jaafar, Seremban.


NDC will continue to be the ultimate for CKD patients from this area who require hemodialysis therapy.


We view our success as dependent on our patients’ well being both now and in the feture. Therefore we will

continue to strictly adhere to NDC policy and protocol based om MOH guidlines. In short our goal is to help our patient achieve a near normal life.





We credit our success to the public who started to have faith in our service. We are committed to our

service and sincere to help our patient live a near normal life. We will continue to provide holistic care to our patients.